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Force USA Power Sled

$499.00 tax incl.

The Prowler Sled is one of the most popular pieces of equipment for strength and conditioning. Used by athletes of all sporting codes, firemen and military training and cross training competitors, the Prowler Sled is the perfect option to strengthen and condition the muscles of the hips, legs and upper body.

The Prowler Sled is no ordinary gym sled. The upright pushing poles are designed to hold Olympic Weight Plates for added resistance. These poles are made with SteelForce™ structural integrity and strong enough to carry more weight than you can handle.

Strap on the harness, get low and drive through your legs or push /pull using the two vertical push poles or the horizontal high and low bars.

• Heavy Duty Steel Construction
SteelForce™ Structural Integrity - Built to last high quality heavy-guage steel that supports even the toughest of workouts
EcoCoat™ – Environmentally friendly powder coating
• Includes harness



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