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Concept II D Model

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Automatic operation: Just start to row and the moniter turns on and gives feedback. You don't have to press a single button. Accurate tracking of performance data: distance, speed, pace, calories and watts.

Five display options; all data, force curve, rowing with a pace boat, bar chart & large print.

Log Card: The removable log card stores workout data and personal preferences. One log card is included with each PM3 and can hold up to 5 users.

Heart rate monitoring: integrated heart rate display if optional polar receiver are installed.

Power Generation: This feature draws power from your stroke while you row to extend battery life

USB Interface: Allows you to transfer data to PC or Mac.

Easy menu driven operation: access a powerful list of features including preset workouts, save favourite workouts, row against a previous performance or pace boat, play the fish game, row with an animated rower to learn technique, review past workout results and choose from mulitiple language options.


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