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Liberty Fitness-California Series-Lat Pull-Down

California series lat pull down machine is a space efficient comfortable piece. With the kevlar belt this exercise moves like a breeze on a summer day. Not only does it have a multi adjustable seat but the defined weight stack selector lets the user have a secure an quick way of selecting their weight.

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$5,369.00 tax incl.

Key Features:

*Adjustable seat

*Defined weight stack selector for safe and secure quick selection every time

*Kevlar belts make these machines smooth to use and has a better feel than your conventional cable machines

*Advanced welding process to ensure proven stability and safety

*Streamline and safe design to protect the user from moving parts

*Aesthetic finishing to provide a classey and luxurious appereance

*IIIustrated exercise chart to educate the user

*AAA (Air-Spring assisted adjust) system provides convenient and efficient operation

*Precision gears for an ultra smooth workout

*USA Design

Net weight: 180kg

Gross weight: 300kg

Max user weight: 180kg

Weight stack: 120kg

Assembled dimensions: 1575mm (L) x 1080mm (W) x 2250mm (H)


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