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Bosu Balance Trainer

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With over 3 million BOSU Balance Trainers in clubs worldwide, the BOSU Balance Trainer has become one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on offer in the Fitness Industry.

This balance trainer device is a very effective athletic training product that gets you results in Strength, Cardio, Balance Flexibility Rehabilitation and Sports Conditioning.

The BOSU consists of an inflated ball (half a stability ball moulded to a solid platform). Specialists commonly refer to such fitness products as "blue- half balls".

The name of this product – BOSU, is actually an acronym, an abbreviation that stands for "Both Sides Up" or for "Both Sides Utilised"; as you have already noticed, the name of this product is a direct reference to the countless ways in which one can employ this product in their regular fitness routine.

You should know that this type of fitness product is predominantly employed during balance fitness training activities, but combined with other fitness activities it gives you better results with a bit more of a challenge and endless variety. With the dome side face upwards the BOSU Balance Trainer becomes an unstable surface that stimulates nerve muscle fibres to more effectively make muscles and joints work efficiently.  Using your BOSU Balance Trainer dome side down in your regular athletic drills the challenge is increased exponentially.


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